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Tick Tracer is a tool to trace and monitor user activities on keyboard which can be recorded and analyzed, also you can do shortcuts for opening files, pasting text and other system operations by typing a shortcut name anywhere on screen. With this tool, no need to fill your Desktop or Program Files with shortcuts or going through My Computer to open files.

Tick Tracer main features:
- Protect your traced keys, shortcut records and your settings by setting a password.
- Trace keys, record it and analyze it.
- Analyze a specific range of keys with the ability to change the options of analysis.
- Do shortcuts for opening files, pasting text and other system operations.
- The ability to make activation keys before listening to a shortcut.
- Backup/Restore your settings.
- Set a sound for activation keys and another for executing shortcuts.

Minimum system requirements

- 800 MHZ Pentium 3 CPU
- 64 MB RAM
- 7 MB free space on hard disk

- Microsoft Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP/2003
- Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0


Tracing keys MUST NOT be used for illegal actions like tracing users' password, credit cards info, any other critical data or anything related to tracing user's privacy, any of this actions is considered stealing user privacy and may lead you to be a victim of crime. We are not responsible for any illegal actions used by this program, the purpose from this program is to monitor your children behaviours on computer or to log all the work you done on your PC.





Tick Tracer

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Support & FAQ

If you found any errors, bugs or you have any ideas or opinions,  please contact us at: support@infradrive.com, or you can post it on our online community forum through Tick Tracer Bugs & Problems thread.


Tick Tracer is 10 days trial, you can download a fully features copy from our downloads page.

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