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Carbosign is fast and easy tool to create watermarks and print barcodes. With simple few steps and clicks you get professional quality watermarks and barcodes that can be printed using any normal printer.

Carbosign main features:

- Watermark hundereds of images with few clicks.
- Print barcodes using advanced options for customizing your barcode.
- Create templates for your watermarks or barcode settings, so you can manage your work faster.
- Supports Code 39 / Extended Barcode.
- Supports EAN-13 Barcode.

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Minimum system requirements

- 800 MHZ Pentium 3 CPU
- 64 MB RAM
- 8 MB free space on hard disk

- Microsoft Windows XP/2003/Vista
- Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (Not required in Windows Vista)



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If you found any errors, bugs or you have any ideas or opinions,  please contact us at: support@infradrive.com, or you can post it on our online community forum through Carbosign Bugs & Problems thread.


You can download demo copy from our downloads page. The demo is fully-featured and functional to offer a true test of the software.

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